Harem Villa

Version: (Finished)

Harem Villa is the first game I created.
You will have to live with many awesome girls and… a DEMON!!

Update 05-15-2018: Very minor update that fix a data’s problem.

Download Harem Villa

Insane Seven Test

Version: 0.1 (Terminated)

Password: imahero

Insane Seven is cancelled. I still let it open to public.

You can see it like a demo for testing πŸ˜€

Some of this game’s characters are imported into Harem Island.

Download Insane Seven

Harem Island

Version: 0.1 (Soon)

I’m currently working on this Game!

You’re going onΒ  a new generation plane and take its first flight. Unfortunately, The airplane crashes on a mysterious island, where very strange creatures are observing and attacking you. You will have to help each other and survive on this Island!

Main features:

  • A sex battle system: you choose actions to make the girl having an orgasm, beware, sometime you will have to make her cum before yourself!
  • A lot of Amazing girls with very feminine hips πŸ˜€
  • Sexy fantasy humanoids
  • RPG similarities: inventory, stats, crafting etc…

This first Playable version will be available on my patreon: https://patreon.com/eroniverse

Available soon