Hi guys! here is the first « news » from my site 😀

First, I tried to draw cum on the Image above, I’m not 100% satisfied but it’s a first try!  it should get better later 😀

Second, For people who didn’t see it, I can’t give new from harem villa anymore trough patreon.
I didn’t get banned, but the thing is they recently started to investigate adult’s page, and now making a patch, be discreet, stuff that worked month ago doesn’t work anymore.

I stopped to publish harem villa’s news to not get ban (some of high patreon adult incest game had the choice to remove their game, but it was because they had patrons, I think patreon would directly ban « little pages »).

Now I’m free to continue my game without censoring it or changing it :D.
If you want to support Harem Villa, then support « harem villa 2 » on my patreon page (patreon.com/eroniverse), I consider it’s the same thing.

I will continue to send reward from Harem villa 1 to patrons of the eroniverse page.
As I didn’t waited to be banned, I can continue to share link through mails because it’s not suspicious. but pay attention when you write message, the legend says they can read private message ^^ just don’t use words such as incest, mother, sister, brother, son.

Aaaaaaaaah I feel sooo much good and free when I can write these words 😀

This system of notification and blog is very very interesting, I will probably use it for more stuff maybe ^^.

For the next release of Harem villa, I lost 2 days with this problems, but I was 4 days in advance so it’s still good ha ha^^ Once update is done, I’ll rush Insane seven at 200% and finish it asap, I hope the first week of February!

Oh, and, you can post comments on posts, so don’t hesitate to comment, make the site live ^^

See you later, Erodraw <3