I finished to track and fix bugs ^^ I hope You won’t discover too much more ha ha, if that’s the case, I’ll fix them, just try to describe the bugs you find to let me find the source of the problem.


Change Log since the last public version:

  • New time/map System
  • 2 events for Aiko
  • 6 night events with Isabelle
  • Dibela’s review integrated to the game
  • Repeatable sex scene with Isabelle if you’ve unlocked it, every night
  • 1st part of the grand Quest (+ adding the library map)

Since the last beta 2 for patrons:

  • Fixed the problem of white background in front of Villa (an Image had not the right name)
  • Bathroom is now accessible
  • Fixed bug that allowed to show 2 time the same people

The Next release should come the 26th of February! From now, releases will focus on the end of stories for everyone.

What for the next release:

  • 2 events for the next part of Isabelle and Sandra’s story, it’s time to get reunited!
  • 3 unique events for Aiko
  • 1 Unique event for Marcella Having sex for the first time with her
  • 2 more events with Dibela
  • The Next episode of the Grand Quest