Hello! I make this post to inform you about the next release, the 26th-27th of February FOR +$5 PATRONS of patreon.com/eroniverse for the first week and then public.

Here is the change log:

  • 2 new events with Dibela (1 each Sunday)
  • 1 new event with Marcella (her 5th)
  • 2 new event with Aiko (3rd and 4th that is split into 2 parts)
  • 2 new events involving Isabelle and Sandra that is the next episode of « the week end with Isabelle »
  • Next episode of the grand Quest
  • It brings 7 high quality animations (in order to make it perfect I used the base of Stimuli’s animations)


  • Some people have issues to launch the game, because the amount of functions at the beginning it too heavy.
    I’ve split these functions into many little part and now you can see a loading screen with progression and the game doesn’t crash anymore, or isn’t like « not responding ».
    I’ve worked so much time on this without find a solution, now that I got it I’m so happy! 😀


  • The 2nd issue is that some people can’t trigger Isabelle’s 3rd event and Lexa’s 4th event,I failed to reproduce this bug so i’m adding a function when the game launches to fix these 2 specific situations