Hello! Here is some news about Harem Villa  😀

If you want to get a brief resume: April will bring the final Update of Harem Villa, and finalize this Game. I’ll then be free to work on only one game.

  • A lot of people are asking me why I’m working on Harem Island before finishing harem villa, I couldn’t answer clearly because I shouldn’t talk about Harem villa on patreon. Here I’m free 😀
    I already explained it many time, but I had to delete every stuff that concerns Harem villa little by little on my posts.
    I couldn’t use a patreon page to support Harem Villa because of some patreon rules, but as Harem villa was there for a long time I couldn’t stop it like that. But I couldn’t keep a patreon page that presents nothing, so I had to prepare the next game, to have something to show to followers and patrons.
    So technically, patrons are supporting Harem island only, that is on development, and I work on Harem villa for free. But it’s just « technically », if you pledge the eroniverse page, I consider you support every games.
    After the next last Update of Harem villa this April, and after fixing issues, I will only work on Harem Island, that follows every rules of patreon, so I don’t think this kind of problems could happen again.

That is said, now let’s talk about Harem Villa’s next Update.

The final Harem Villa’s Update

Here is What this last Update will bring:

  • 2 last unique events of Aiko.
  • Many new parts of the grand quest to reach the end of the plot.

Many month ago, I had different plans for this end, but Finally, I came back to what I wanted to do ^^. You will have to finish every Unique events of every people to finish the Grand Quest, because every characters is needed for this end.
I only focused on the essential, that is the story, so don’t expect modifications of graphics or functions, it only brings scenes/dialogues ^^.

Preview of the content’s story: You are looking for a way to beat Dibela, After some research you’ve found a way, with River, and you’ll work on releasing it, but it seems you’ll need other girls.
The Update is the final so it will reach the end of this plot, until the final situation.

My feelings:

I’ve been working on Harem villa for a little bit more than a year, it was a really good experience. Th best thing is when I was/am reading comment that are thanking me for doing this game, encouragements, It was really cool and made me happy a lot to see that people were enjoyed by this game.
I still made some mistakes during this years, but every experiences is good to get! On a period, I worked too much on non-essential content, some functionalities, some UI graphics, and I didn’t progressed in the character’s stories, I think some people that already reached all stories should have been frustrated to not see the next episodes of their favorite characters ^^. But I don’t regret, I learned many stuff that I can now apply on my new game Directly ^^.
Another mistake I did is creating a second game (Horny family). I was soo hyped by so many ideas that I couldn’t bear working on only one game, so I had to make this second. Then Patreon rules has been Updated and I got blocked by patreon, I had to change the game, and the name. So the progression wasn’t present because I had to work on modifying the plot, the title became Insane Seven, well, I could write many reasons of why this game was a failure, but I won’t try to put the fault on external stuff, the main reasons is that I overestimated my self. I thought I could handle 2 games at the same time by myself, In fact I could do it the month I started it, but I couldn’t continue every month. After the problem of Harem villa and creation of Harem Island stuff to replace it on the page, I had to take a decision and stopped Insane Seven.

I hope I’ll keep in mind that for Harem Island! The objective of the first demo of Harem Island is to get everything directly into the demo, I mean the final UI, every functionalities, or at least the maximum. I don’t want to make like Harem villa, doing Update with new features but no new scenes, I want to bring content and focus on it only, and I think people would prefer too.
I will also not start another game or stuff that takes time, because I want to focus on only one game. I was new, Harem villa was my first game, I wanted to make 1000 things at the same time, now I can continue by focusing on only one game, it should be better.

Actually, Honestly, I know the hype isn’t going good for eroniverse page. The situation is really complex but everything will be resolved after Harem villa’s final Update ^^. I want to go back to the basics, when I started Harem villa, it was simple, I almost only worked on it, I was doing my stuff, the story, the images, I wasn’t racking my brain on every little details that changes nothings, I was going to the essential.


Anyway, thank you for reading me, the next Update will arrive During April in any case, not sure of the date, but I think I will go on the end of April. I will probably make more news About it during the month, I saw that you’re already 500 to have notifications activated for my site! thank you!

May will be full focused on Harem Island and should bring it’s first version. there will be so much more to do/see than the first version of Harem villa or insane Seven ^^, looking forward to see the firsts feedback of it :D. but right now I’m focusing on harem villa so harem Island won’t have that much new Images (because computers are focused into rendering harem villa) this month.

Thank you, if you support, if you don’t, thank you for continuing to give me your interest 🙂