Hello! I’m currently on break, and just seen that patreon blocked my drawing page for adult censored content. Patreon doesn’t allow adult content even with censorship anymore, on public post. (The page of harem island game is okay)

I’m writing this post, that I’ can’t post on patreon, to get your advice, I didn’t made any decisions, just to see your point of view.

As patreon is restricting more and more their rules, and as I live from patreon, I was thinking on something.

What would you think if I make a support system on my own site? So I won’t be restricted anymore.

I could also mean that Incest content could be back and distribued via this site, I’ve mainly had success at the beginning because of incest content, I know you want it :p

Positive points:

– Total liberty of scenario and Incest content

Negative points:

– I’d propably get less support as my site isn’t as popular as patreon but it doesn’t change anything for you.

I’d also have ton find a great tier site for payment because I would want it to be really pro and good for you. I will study how other adult sites are working with it.

I just want your mind about it, I didn’t started anything yet. I don’t even know about the system, maybe something monthly, or maybe just a « per update like », so you’d just have to « buy » the version’ so you won’t pay if there is nothing.

I really want something fair for you, if you have any new ideas, share it 😀

Impact if it happens, depending on your feedback about it:

– Harem island won’t be affected, I’ll continue it on patreon like now.

– I will try to make a LITTLE game, with Incest scenario, but I don’t want to live again that « working on 2 big games » I lived previously, so it would be just a little game for test, 100% using the harem island system, so I would just have to make the art and scenario, no coding at all. (As it would be a test I suggest to start by a « per update » like, and not per month)

I think I’d make a game with drawings, similar to summertime saga but with my style, not another rendered game (I would prefer to allocate the rendering time to harem island)

As I said I didn’t started any actions, I prefer to see feedbacks first. Leave it in the comment section below ^^

Thank for reading me!